Facts About Tooth Color and Teeth Whitening Treatment

Most people have some degree of self-consciousness about their appearance. The feeling is even stronger when a feature of the face is involved, which is common. For many, a negative self-image is rooted in the poor quality of their smile, often due to teeth discoloration. This condition can lower self-confidence, impair interpersonal relationships and basically

What Should I Know About My Child’s Tooth Color?

Did you know baby teeth are generally whiter than adult teeth? It's true, those adorable little chompers have a bright, natural gleam that hasn't yet been dulled by foods and drinks, medications, illness or injury. But, if you continue to pay attention, you will probably witness a gradual shift that leaves them less vibrant. You

ZOOM! Whitening brightens teeth in Davenport, IA

  ZOOM! Teeth Whitening: Reclaim Your Bright Smile in Davenport, IA We had a Zoom Whitening party at the office with our own staff and these are the results! If you’ve noticed that your smile has darkened over the years, you’ve got lots of company. That’s what naturally happens. Thankfully, you don’t just have to accept

Could The Pool Dull Your Smile This Summer?

Summer fun in the pool is a way of life for many people. Avoiding scorching temperatures while getting a full body workout is typically a wonderful and refreshing thing. However, all of that laughing and splashing can wreak havoc on our precious smiles — especially in pools that have high chlorine concentrations. Chlorine is damaging

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