What Should I Know About Pediatric Dental Emergencies?

Children are full of energy and they love exploring the world around them. During these jaunts, as they run around willy nilly, accidents are inevitable. Most will be mild in nature, result in simple injuries like scrapes, bumps and bruises and be focused around the extremities. As a parent, the odds are good that you

Dental Issues Can Affect Your Child’s Permanent Teeth

When it comes to child development, the loss of baby teeth is a major milestone. As a parent, it's very exciting to watch your child get their permanent teeth. Sometimes, however, there are dental issues that come with them. When this happens, it's crucial that you take action to protect your child's smile from being

Good Dental Hygiene For Children Should Be a Priority

At Dague Dental Solutions, we actively promote the importance of good oral health for children. This October, as we observe National Dental Hygiene Month, we are launching the Dague Dental Cavity Crusader Club. We're all about turning kids into cavity-busters to fight tooth decay and cavities! Some people have an underlying presumption that children’s oral

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