To state the obvious, teeth play a vital role in your appearance. In addition to defining your smile, they support your facial structures and keep them from sagging. Your focus should be on keeping your teeth clean and healthy so you can continue to enjoy these benefits. Your front teeth will get plenty of daily care. However, it is easy to overlook your premolars and molars or clean them with less diligence; they are found further back in your mouth and no one sees them. Adding to the problem, your premolars and molars are more susceptible to tooth decay.

When cavities invariably develop, treatment with dental fillings is an excellent solution to the problem. This post will explore fillings in detail, so continue reading.

How Do Fillings Help?

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Dental fillings, as their name suggests, are used to fill the spaces left behind by tooth decay. This results in multiple benefits beyond simply plugging the holes. The following post has more:

The key benefit of a dental filling is halting the progression of decay by repairing a damaged tooth and restoring its normal function and appearance.

Fillings are used to fix small areas of decay and they prevent further deterioration by providing a barrier against harmful bacteria.

A further benefit of fillings is that while replacing the damaged portion of a tooth, they preserve most of the tooth structure. Read more at CDA Dental…

Your mouth is teeming with bacteria and it’s perfectly normal. You just need to remain diligent with thorough daily cleanings of your teeth, gums and tongue. Otherwise, the germs will cause cavities. When this happens, dental fillings will ably replace the tooth tissue that’s been lost.

How Long Do Fillings Last?


The longevity of dental fillings is something many patients want to know about. If you do, too, the following post provides some good insight on the matter:

Typically, fillings last around 10 years. Many restorations (the clinical term for dental fillings) last much longer.

In addition to the materials used, other factors affecting the life span of a filling include:

your eating habits
dental hygiene
trauma to your tooth
decay around the filling
grinding your teeth while you sleep

Though several factors affect the durability of fillings, the materials used can give you a good idea of how long a particular filling should last. Read more at Healthline…

You will need regular check-ups after receiving dental fillings. The visits allow your dentist to monitor the condition of both your fillings and your other teeth.

What Materials Are Available?

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As indicated above, the material used for your dental fillings can determine how long they last. If you’re wondering about these materials and their properties, find out in the following post:

Amalgam is what most people think of as the “typical” filling. As its name suggests, the fillings are made of a mixture of metals — usually about 50% mercury combined with copper, silver, tin, and/or zinc…

Composite is usually made from a combination of powdered glass and acrylic resin. Unlike amalgam, though, we can shade it to match the surrounding teeth, making it much less conspicuous…

Gold fillings, which are referred to as inlays or onlays, are made from an alloy of gold, copper, and other metals. They are extremely durable, with the American Dental Association noting that they can last for over two decades…

Also known as inlays or onlays, porcelain fillings are similar to gold in that they need to be made in a dental laboratory, require multiple office visits, and tend to cost a lot. Read more at Higgins DMD…

Whether you think you have a cavity or simply aren’t sure, Dr. Jolene Dague strongly encourages you to schedule an exam with her at Dague Dental Solutions. After seeing what’s going on, she can (if necessary) recommend the best material for your fillings based on your needs and budget.

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