Children are full of energy and they love exploring the world around them. During these jaunts, as they run around willy nilly, accidents are inevitable. Most will be mild in nature, result in simple injuries like scrapes, bumps and bruises and be focused around the extremities. As a parent, the odds are good that you will feel confident and know exactly what to do in these situations. But what if the accident involves a dental emergency? You might find yourself at a loss for handling it. This post will focus on children’s dental emergencies to help you prepare for something we hope you will never face.

What is a Pediatric Dental Emergency?

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Any kind of health concern involving a child can seem significant to their parent or caregiver. The question the adult must pause to ask is whether the situation can be handled at home or requires professional emergency care. Dental accidents will often lead straight to the dentist’s office, but you should be prepared for both possibilities. The article excerpted below has some good info.

Any health emergency should be taken seriously, and dental emergencies are no exception. But what is considered a dental emergency and what should be done in the event of one?

Any dental problem that puts the future of a tooth in jeopardy, causes ongoing tissue bleeding, or severe pain is considered to be a dental emergency and should be immediately addressed. Read more at Wilson Pediatric Dentistry…

Now that we’ve had a closer look at what constitutes a dental emergency, let’s shift our focus to dealing with them:

General Tips For Handling a Dental Emergency

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The first thing to do for your child during a dental emergency is remain calm and take charge. Here’s a piece with some tips to help you handle the situation:

In many ways, a dental emergency is similar to caring for any other injury. In general, you should take the following action in the event of trauma to the mouth or teeth:

  • Check for bleeding
  • Stop the bleeding by applying pressure
  • Clean the wound with salt water or antiseptic rinse
  • Assess the severity
  • Take the injured child to your pediatrician or dentist as soon as possible
  • You can place an ice pack or cool compress on your child’s face to keep down any swelling.

Also, take some time to reassure your child that your dentist is well-trained to repair teeth and relieve discomfort. Read more at Colgate…

Your presence and reassurance will help your child tremendously during a dental emergency. Bringing them to the best pediatric dental care provider is also critical. In Davenport and the surrounding region, Dague Dental Solutions is the practice you should visit. Your child will receive top quality treatment from Dr. Jolene Dague and her outstanding team. We invite you to call our office at (563) 386-9770 when dental emergencies arise.