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We had a Zoom Whitening party at the office with our own staff and these are the results!

If you’ve noticed that your smile has darkened over the years, you’ve got lots of company. That’s what naturally happens. Thankfully, you don’t just have to accept it. With ZOOM! Whitening treatment at Dague Dental Solutions, you can fight nature and bring back the bright, beautiful smile you remember. ZOOM! Whitening  is the convenient solution for those who want outstanding, rapid results. It is proven to be a quicker, more effective alternative to using store-bought whitening strips or over-the-counter home bleaching kits.

Enamel gradually loses its gleam due to years of daily use. Coffee, tobacco, red wine and other foods, medications and environmental factors play into the slow dulling and discoloring of the teeth as well. ZOOM! Whitening is the ideal method of reversing this trend. Just one treatment is able to brighten the teeth by as much as six to ten shades. And rest assured that the process is absolutely safe, pain-free and fast. In fact, the entire procedure takes less than one hour.

The ZOOM! Whitening process is highly advanced and makes use of the most current dental technology available. To begin, special preparations are made to cover the lips and gums so only the surface of the teeth are subject to the whitening procedure. Dr. Jolene Dague then coats the teeth in the ZOOM! Whitening gel. This substance contains hydrogen peroxide, a completely safe and natural material which has excellent stain-dissolving abilities.

Once the teeth have been coated, a special Ultraviolet (UVA) light is applied to the surface of the teeth, activating the whitening ingredients in the gel. Together, the light and the gel penetrate the enamel and dissolve years of stains and discoloration. Over the course of the office visit, this process is repeated several times for the most thorough whitening. It really couldn’t be any simpler.

If you are unhappy with your dull smile and are ready to bring back the brilliance, contact Dague Dental Solutions today to schedule a ZOOM! Whitening appointment. Call (563) 386-9770 or reach us through the contact form.